Our Mission

We are only 5 simple students that share a passion for Rugby. Our mission as supporters from this sport is to communicate with other supports, and to make others share our passion, and our link with this sport. Rugby is a unique sport, with a distinctive culture and values that no other sport has! Portuguese National Team is an example of dedication, courage and strength to the Portuguese society! Also known as "Lobos", our National Team was the first amateur team to participate in the Rugby world cup in 2007, France, and even though without the best results, they played with all they could, and they came out from this competition with proud and improving their image in the Portuguese society and in the Rugby's Universe! One of our major intentions is to Honor the efforts and the dedication from the "Lobos".

Moreover, Rugby, as many other amateur sports in Portugal, is almost always forgotten and left aside from the Medias and from the public in general, rather than football, that represents in our country a kind of BlockBuster from sport. Football gathers almost all the attentions from the general TV's channels, leaving almost no space to Rugby. We don't think this is fair so we are claiming, and we will claim as loud as we need, for a space for Rugby. Visibility is in our opinion one of the things that must be changed in Rugby; we are working for changing it. Our first move was this Blog, that will work with 5 major objectives: give information about Rugby in Portugal; to teach/explain the public some things about Rugby; to gather more Supporters; to serve as a launching platform to our future initiatives; to really help changing Rugby's visibility; and to be an example for many others amateur sports, that like Rugby don't have the deserved space. Our next initiative will pass by put some pressure in RTP to create a simple monthly magazine about Rugby. We think that if football deserves the massive attention that it gets, Rugby at least should have a simple program on the public Tv Channel to inform its supports about what happened during the month and to work as a cultural transition object, broadcasting to the Portuguese society that does not know Rugby at all, what is Rugby and what is going on in its universe.

For us this is just a start for improving the Rugby's visibility, but we think that it will be a necessary step to take while claiming for the deserved space for Rugby! We believe that Rugby deserves a window in a Public Tv Channel, because in our opinion, it represents a very cultured niche from the Portuguese society, that has the entire right of having its voice heard and because Rugby's National Team is a proud representation of our Nation that is not well recognized and therefore we want to promote public interest.